Sell your home to SoldKey

Skip the showings and uncertainty, sell when you're ready, and get paid fast.

We purchase houses, townhomes, condos, and apartment buildings.

Who Is This For?

Most of our clients have needed some assistance in one way or another to sell their property.

Whatever your reason or circumstances, SoldKey can help from start to finish.

Here are some situations where our service really shines.

Structural Issues
Flood/Fire Damage

Financial Hardship
Foreclosure/Medical Bills

Life Events
(Downsizing, Death, Divorce)


Repairs/Upgrades Required

Rental or Vacant Properties

What Are The Benefits?

Here our a few features of selling to SoldKey that our clients love.

It's Faster

Close escrow in as little as 10 days. The transaction can move at your comfort level.

It's Easier

Skip all the prep work that's traditionally required to sell a house, townhouse or condo.

It Costs Less

No time or money spent prepping your property to list. No agent/broker commisions to pay at closing.

It Offers More Control

You are in complete control of the transaction. We'll make an offer, you can proceed on your timeline.


Market Value

The first step in making you a fair offer for your home is determining the market value. We determine market value using a combination of market data and an in person home evaluation.

6% Platform Fee

SoldKey charges 6% of market value to purchase your home, so once we know the market value the rest is easy.

More Pricing Info

No commissions means you'll walk away with about the same amount as a traditional market sale

How It Works

setup wizard

Schedule your home evaluation

Make an appointment for a free, no obligation, home evaluation. Schedule online or call (800) 348-7355.

Schedule Online
QA engineers

Complete your home evaluation

A SoldKey Market Expert will complete a quick on premise inspection to account for marketable improvements as well as any necessary repairs required.


Receive an offer

You'll receive our offer within 2 business days of completing your evaluation. Our offer is valid for 7 calendar days and if you accept our offer, you can get paid in as little as 1 week.