Has money become a stressor because you’re unable to make mortgage payments?

During this difficult time, having to go through the lengthy, stressful process of putting your home on the market is the last thing you need. A quick solution is available so the emotional side of selling is made easier, and you can be financially back on your feet sooner.

Deciding to sell

You may have reservations about selling. You might have thought ‘if I’m not able to pay the mortgage, what are my options? What are the alternatives?’. Ensure you’re thinking clearly and pragmatically before selecting an option available to you.

Borrowing funds is often an attractive choice, but can set off an ill-fated chain of events as it’s only a temporary solution. A loan from family members can lead to conflict, You might be able to withdraw from a retirement account – but if you’re younger than 59 ½ years old, then an early withdrawal penalty of 10% will be due. This could end up adding significantly to your debt, as could using money from credit cards which often have high interest rates.

If the problem is not solved by these alternatives, selling your home in San Diego, San Francisco, Orange, Riverside, Santa Clara, Alameda or San Mateo counties might become essential. However, by this time it might result in a short sale and your issues may have got to a state of bankruptcy. There’s the potential option of borrowing on the home through an equity line of credit. But if there’s still uncertainty around you being able to manage financial hardship, you could still be open to losing the home due to foreclosure.

Selling a House During Financial Hardship

Reasons to sell sooner

Selling a House During Financial Hardship

If you end up ultimately having to sell your home in California, then the emotional impact on you during the effort to solve your financial issues will not feel worth the outcome. Especially if you’re unable to pay a mortgage due to illness, then it’s important to be able to pay  your medical bills. So put your mental and physical health first.

You’ll feel less stressed in the long run if you sell sooner. Additionally, you’ll have a better chance of achieving economic stability than if you were to wait and be forced out when you’re in a less financially secure position.

Selling with SoldKey

We make the impact of deciding to sell feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. With SoldKey, there will be no work required by you, and you’ll be able to guarantee a quick sale at a fair price. We act solely as a principal buyer. Our transparent, seamless service ensures we really are the key to all your selling problems in San Diego, San Francisco, Orange, Riverside, Santa Clara, Alameda and San Mateo County.

The traditional real estate process can intensify stress. It’s often unreliable, inconvenient and time-consuming – not to mention uncomfortable, with strangers wandering through home. With SoldKey, you can take back control – you control the dates and have total visibility of the entire transaction.

We remove the hassle of selling and the cost is lowered too, helping to get you out of your financial hardship sooner. Whether you live in Orange, Riverside, San Diego or San Francisco counties, you won’t need to spend any money listing your property or paying any agent or broker commissions. Escrow can be closed in as little as 10 days too – it really is that quick and stress-free to sell your property with SoldKey!

Selling a House During Financial Hardship

We currently buy homes in the following counties in California:
San Diego, San Francisco, Orange, Riverside, Santa Clara, Alameda and San Mateo.

Here’s how our simple process works:


We arrange a free home evaluation – It only takes an hour. A SoldKey Representative gives you the opportunity to ask any questions.


We make an offer – Within 48 hours of the evaluation, we’ll deliver a formal offer that’s valid for 7 days.


You decide whether to accept or decline – If you accept our offer, we’ll book a home inspection by an independent third party. This will be 3-4 days after the purchase agreement has been signed.


The closing process begins – You’ll be contacted by an escrow agent to finalize the closing documents and purchase payout.

Guarantee your swift sale and schedule a free evaluation with SoldKey this week.

Sell your home the SoldKey way: quick, easy, cost-effective and with complete control.

Start the easy process today and benefit tomorrow.
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