Pricing Information

SoldKey charges a 6% fee to purchase your home

Close escrow in as few as 10 days. No prep work required.

Market Value

The first step in making you a fair offer for your home is determining the market value. We determine market value using a combination of market data and an in person home evaluation.

6% Platform Fee

SoldKey charges 6% of market value to purchase your home, so once we know the market value the rest is easy.

A better way to sell your home

Flexible close date, as fast as 10 days.
No showings or open houses
No double mortgage
Seller's assistance available
Get an Offer
Sell to SoldKey
List on the market
SoldKey Offer: $500,000
Sales Price: $500,000
SoldKey Fee:
6% $30,000
Real Estate Agent Fees:
4 - 6% $20,000 - $30,000
Market Prep:
0 - 1% $0 - 5,000
Est. Repairs:
Est. Seller Concessions:
0 - 1.5% $0 - 7,500
Est. Home Ownership Cost:
0 - 1.5% $0 - 7,500
Closing Costs:
0 - 1% $0 - 5,000
0 - 1% $0 - 5,000
Cash At Closing:
$460,000 - $470,000
$440,000 - $480,000



Selling to SoldKey offers increased control over the traditional market sale by letting you choose your close date. This prevents a number of costly issues and lets you move onto your next home with greater ease.


From research to market prep and throughout the sales process, selling a home costs a tremendous amount of time and effort. Selling to SoldKey lets you skip traditional tasks like finding a broker, home prep and showings.

Privacy & Security

Selling to SoldKey removes the need for open houses and showings, keeping strangers out of your space. We only require 1 home evaluation to determine the home's market value and 1 inspection to determine if repairs are needed.


Selling to SoldKey let's you move at your own pace while knowing that your home has a definite cash buyer. No more wondering if and when your home will sell or if it will make it through the escrow process.