Have you inherited a home and are trying to sell it or even sell your own home?

SoldKey is an expert in helping property owners determine the best way to sell a house.


You may be faced with selling a property because of a death in the family. A home is often inherited by siblings, relatives or friends. Depending on your circumstances, inheriting a home can be a challenge.

Dealing with the possible ongoing expenses of mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, maintenance and general upkeep may be overwhelming. Many people find the hassles, costs and emotional strain of selling a property the traditional way too much to handle.

With SoldKey you can avoid the hassle and stress of dealing with real estate agents by selling the property privately, quickly and easily. We provide a fast-financial transaction that people are looking for. We also are experienced at working with fiduciaries, estate and probate attorneys.

When it comes to quickly selling your home without a realtor, SoldKey has got you covered.

Selling an Inherited Property

Determining your actual inheritance

Selling an Inherited Property

Inheriting a house in most cases sounds idyllic – but that is when you ignore the tedious process of determining how much it’s worth, how much it will cost to restore and ultimately how to fairly split the responsibilities and profit between you and others.

The admin involved can take a toll, which is why many choose to sell as opposed to renting the property.

Areas like San Diego, San Francisco, Orange, Riverside, Santa Clara, Alameda and San Mateo County are full of people in the property market looking for their forever home. The decision you need to make is between selling your home quickly and “as is” or by selling by the traditional way, which includes commissions, repairs, open houses and a lengthy timeline!  

The balancing act

Carrying out overhauls on your inherited property while living in another can be stressful. So it’s important that you strike a fair balance between the two by choosing improvements to make on your new home that won’t delay the process and take up too much effort.

The former owner of the inherited home may not have invested in the California property for some time. This, of course, can lead to decrepit furniture and general cleanliness issues – all of which can be solved with a contribution on your part.

However, there are some issues that you may want to resolve prior to attempting to sell your property that are a little more difficult. Problems like mold, leaky pipes and structural damage are taxing to solve and could harm your chances of selling your home without a realtor in California.

Selling an Inherited Property

Get specialist support

Selling an Inherited Property

At SoldKey, we make selling houses simple – We act as the principal buyer and make the purchase process straightforward and painless in San Diego, San Francisco, Orange, Riverside, Santa Clara, Alameda and San Mateo Counties.

We don’t obscure figures or hit you with hidden fees. Forget spending money on listing your home or agent commissions. Our team has a confirmed price beforehand, meaning that escrow can be closed in as little as ten days! Our service provides a cheaper and simpler solution to selling in San Diego, San Francisco, Orange, Riverside, Santa Clara, Alameda and San Mateo Counties.

With SoldKey, we give you the power to sell when it suits you with a transparent service.

We currently buy homes in the following counties in California: San Diego, San Francisco, Orange, Riverside, Santa Clara, Alameda and San Mateo.

Here’s how our simple process works:


We arrange a free home evaluation – It only takes an hour. A SoldKey Representative gives you the opportunity to ask any questions.


We make an offer – Within 48 hours of the evaluation, we’ll deliver a formal offer that’s valid for 7 days.


You decide whether to accept or decline – If you accept our offer, we’ll book a home inspection by an independent third party. This will be 3-4 days after the purchase agreement has been signed.


The closing process begins – You’ll be contacted by an escrow agent to finalize the closing documents and purchase payout.

Guarantee your swift sale and schedule a free evaluation with SoldKey this week.

Sell your home the SoldKey way: quick, easy, cost-effective and with complete control.

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