Tenant occupied? Vacant home? Struggling to sell because you haven’t been living in it?

You can still get your property in the Counties of California sold swiftly. There is a way to meet all your obligations, without slowing down your limited timeline…

Tenant occupied

Tenants can be both a blessing and a curse. If there’s a thriving property market in your area, then you should have a pool of buyers eager for the income they’ll receive. However, if it’s a slow-moving market, then it might be that marketing the home just to investor purchasers is holding you back. 

There is the option to sell the property without tenants, but you’ll then have to weigh the loss of income and/or vacating process including possible eviction. Depending on the lease agreement, you may be required to wait a lengthy period of time until the tenants vacate the property, not allowing for a quick sale.

You might also have to deal with unhappy tenants, although they could be cooperative and perhaps even want to leave the home earlier. There are legal requirements regarding viewings too – 24 hours’ notice is usually the minimum you have to give to tenants, but there will be a specific time period in the lease agreement. 

Even if viewings of a tenant occupied property are permitted, potential buyers could be deterred if the property has not been properly maintained.  

Vacant property

If you decide to opt for a property without tenants, then many states require that you give 30 or 60 days’ notice for a month-to-month lease agreement.

But if it’s fixed-term, then you’ll unlikely be able to evict them sooner unless there’s an early termination clause. Tenants who have violated any of the agreement terms, or failed to pay their rent, are such justifications that would give you reasonable grounds to cease it prematurely.

Without tenants, you’ll be able to speed up the process of selling. However, you will lose rental income for every day that the home is vacant. It’ll be a balancing act when deciding which route to take.

Selling with SoldKey

Having to make a tough decision is alleviated with SoldKey. You’ll be able to forget the open market, and guarantee a quick sale by selling to us – we act solely as a principal buyer. Our transparent, seamless service ensures we really are the key to all your selling problems in the San Diego, San Francisco, Orange, Riverside, Santa Clara, Alameda and San Mateo Counties.

Any tenants won’t have viewers constantly walking into their space, and you’ll not have to deal with open houses. The traditional real estate process can cause you uncertainty and inconvenience – with SoldKey, you lead the timeline. You’ll have more control over dates and will have total visibility of the transaction.

Not only will the hassle of selling be removed, the cost will be lower too. There won’t be any money spent listing your property or any agent or broker commissions. Escrow can be closed in as little as 10 days – it really is that quick and easy to sell your rental property in northern or southern California!

We currently buy homes in the following counties in California: San Diego, San Francisco, Orange, Riverside, Santa Clara, Alameda and San Mateo.

Here’s how our simple process works:


We arrange a free home evaluation – It only takes an hour. A SoldKey Representative gives you the opportunity to ask any questions.


We make an offer – Within 48 hours of the evaluation, we’ll deliver a formal offer that’s valid for 7 days.


You decide whether to accept or decline – If you accept our offer, we’ll book a home inspection by an independent third party. This will be 3-4 days after the purchase agreement has been signed.


The closing process begins – You’ll be contacted by an escrow agent to finalize the closing documents and purchase payout.

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